005: Apple Christmas

On their final episode, Brent and Frank discuss leaving Twitter,, Mastodon, and Apple's upcoming September announcements.

004: The Social Media Hour

It’s the penultimate episode! Brent and Frank talk Twitter apps and the social media workflows that make their lives easier. Plus, an iOS 12 Beta Season Update!

003: A Piece of Siri Pizza

Brent and Frank discuss the Shortcuts Beta, MacOS Mojave, and the state of Siri before a brief detour into the 2018 MacBook Pro update.

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002: The One After High Sierra

Brent and Frank discuss iOS 12 Beta 2, the appeal of MeMoji, macOS Mojave's dark mode and suite of new features, plus Brent advises Frank on which iPad to buy next.

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001: WWDC 2018

Brent and Frank spend their inaugural episode talking about Apple's WWDC 2018 keynote and all the biggest announcements that excite them most.

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